[DRY STUDIO x Gateron Custom Made] DR Rapid Ice Switch

Sale price$12.00 USD
Quantity: Rapid Ice Switch 35pcs (Boxed)

Extend POM stem

Excellent Feel & Sound Combo

  • To satisfy the needs of esports professionals, and to ensure we strike an excellent balance between typing feel and sound, DR Rapid Ice Switches use an extended switch stem.
  • This switch stem allows for earlier bottoming-out, providing better control while gaming. DR Rapid Ice Switches does this without sacrificing typing sound.

80+ million actuation lifespan

High quality alloy contact points

  • DR Rapid Ice Switches use Gateron's latest high-quality alloy contacts, which were first developed by Gateron in 2020.
  • As a result, the DR Rapid Ice Switches are guaranteed to have minimum oxidization, blackening, and fast conduction.
  • No matter how long you use them, and even under the harsest of conditions.

Factory lubed for higher consistency

  • Gateron has over two years of experience in pre-lubing switches. This translates into a quantitative leap in feel and smoothness for the DR Rapid Ice Switch.
  • Mechanical lubrication ensures that each switch is lubed exactly to the same specification.
  • This also rules out any inconsistencies in feel caused by manual lubrication. And saves you a lot of time.

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