CYBERBOARD R3 - Inspired by Wes Anderson

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PRICE: $570-780

Estimated shipping date: 2021/11

Color Options

  • Budapest Pink
  • Aquatic Green
  • Cloud White
  • Basalt Black

Base kit includes

  • Keyboard case
  • Keyboard plate (Same color as the case)
  • PCBs (USB PCB, keyboard PCB, LED PCB)
  • Carrying box

Bundle includes

  • Same as Base kit
  • [Angry Miao 021C] keycap set
  • TTC Golden Red switches *81
  • Stabs (built-in,2U *3 , 6.25U * 1, manufactured by Gateron)


  1. Soldering PCB has been added as an additional option, enabling ISO Layout support. 

  2. No refunds are accepted after the shipment due to personal reasons.

  3. We reserve the right to cancel suspicious orders (including but not limited to multiple orders from the same user, duplicate shipping addresses, etc.) without further notice.