CYBERBOARD R2/R3 Typing Experience Flex Kit

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Cyberboard R2 R3: CYBERBOARD R2/R3 Typing Experience Flex Kit
Price: 105$
Available at: December 15, 2022 20:00PM PST
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Ready to add more flex to your perception of CYBERBOARD's feel? By incorporating a unique dual-mode PCB while retaining its full RGB functionality, you can enjoy our 2-level adjustable gasket flex without getting rid of your beloved RGB lighting effects. All thanks to our flex kit.

9 Accessories Included:

1. POM Plate - matte POM material
2. Gaskets - supersoft slow rebound material
3. All-New PCB - 1.2mm cutout PCB with lighting in semi-matte black
4. Silicone Stands - white silicone material
5. PORON Foam - supersoft slow rebound material
6. Switch Pads - 0.3mm PORON material
7. Transparent Stabilizer Pads - translucent silicone material with adhesive
8. Bottom Foam (Soft/Supersoft) - PORON slow rebound material
9. Case Foam - 0.5mm PORON material


  • Limited stock. After payment, your order will be shipped out within 7 days.
  • CYBERBOARD variants with Top Mount (R1, XMAS SPECIAL and Glacier Bundle) and Terminal are not supported.
  • The silicone stands are soft and elastic. After matching your flex kit setup, insert a switch on the top and bottom, and on the left and right sides to line everything up. Then, install the silicone stands.
  • The flex kit is specifically designed for CYBERBOARD R2 and R3. R1 and Xmas discount coupons can be applied upon checkout.


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