AM CYBERBOARD R2.5 - for a Soft&Elastic Typing Feel

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Availability Date: May 25, 2023 at 20:00 (PDT)
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Here are the links for you to know CYBERBOARD R2 & Typing Experience Flex Kit

Corlor Option:

  1. Psychedelic /with upgrade kit
  2. Jet Black /with upgrade kit

Base Kit - included with each keyboard:

  1. Keyboard body (aluminum)
  2. CYBERBOARD R2/R3 Flex Kit, includes 9 accessories: all-new PCB (hotswap, 1.2 mm, cutouts, RGB), POM plate, poron gasket, silicone stands, PORON foam, switch pads, transparent stabilizer pads, bottom foam (SOFT/SUPERSOFT, default is SOFT), case foam
  3. Carrying case
  4. User manual (digital version)

Flex Kit - includes 9 accessories

  1. POM Plate - matte POM material
  2. Poron Gasket - supersoft slow rebound material
  3. All-New PCB - 1.2mm cutout PCB with lighting in semi-matte black
  4. Silicone Stands - white silicone material
  5. PORON Foam - supersoft slow rebound material
  6. Switch Pads - 0.3mm PORON material
  7. Transparent Stabilizer Pads - translucent silicone material with adhesive
  8. Bottom Foam (Soft/Supersoft) - PORON slow rebound material
  9. Case Foam - 0.5mm PORON material


  1. Due to the complexity of PVD processing, minor flaws in the finish of Jet Black and Psychedelic are unavoidable. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.
  2. The finish of CYBERBOARD R2.5 extremely delicate. Please treat it with extra care. Do not rub it against hard objects to avoid scratches.
  3. Only the Base Kit is available during this sale. Keycaps and switches are not included. The keycaps in the rendering are for reference only.
  4. The material of the silicone stands is soft and elastic. After aligning all items in the Flex Kit, secure them in place first by installing your switches. Then, install the silicone stands. You can use tweezers to help with the installation.
  5. The CYBERBOARD R2/R3 Typing Experience Flex Kit does not support Top Mount boards, such as CYBERBOARD R1, XMAS SPECIAL and Glacier.
  6. CYBERBOARD Terminal is partly compatible with the Flex Kit, all items can be used except for the PORON foam and the plate (you can utilize it with minor modifications if you are familiar with mods).


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  7. Differences in angles and lighting while shooting may cause color differences. The actual product prevails.