Launch on Kickstarter in July

It's time to bring back your Game Boy memories from 20 years ago. Get ready to immerse yourself in DIY LED animations.

As a team that values creativity, innovation, and community-driven development, Angry Miao has taken the ideas from our community and spent almost three years bringing the classic Game Boy back to life.

Bring Game Boy back to life

We have armed ourselves withcustom mechanical keyboard experience and the most advanced craftsmanship of the 21st century to recreate the design style of the 1980s.


Programable LED Screen displaying current battery level, and also functions as a Bluetooth indicator or a clock, along with 4 other preset LED effects. Most importantly, you can customize the LED effects to suit your personal preferences.

Customizable typing experience

Three-stage adjustable leaf spring mount, allowing users to fine-tune the softness of the typing experience to their exact liking.

High-end internals for that satisfying thock

In pursuit of exceptional sound performance, we've integrated the most iconic internals from Angry Miao into this AM RGB 65. And this is what it sounds like.