AM Emptiness Phone Case

Sale price$39.00 USD
Device: iPhone 15 Pro Max

Shipping Date: within 7 bussiness days.

What's the difference between new and the open beta version?

Update 1 of the New Version

Added Glue to Magnetic Ring

In response to your feedback, we have added glue to the inside of the magnetic ring. This eliminates the small probability of the magnetic ring falling off.

*doesn't apply to the open beta version

Update 2 of the New Version

Added Product Packaging

We kept the "Emptiness" design concept for the official product packaging.

The phone case is completely wrapped in a vacuum aluminum foil bag, which not only provides sufficient protection during shipping, but also highlights the unique hollowed-out shape of the AM Emptiness Phone Case.

This is the packaging of the official version (excluded with the open beta)

*doesn't apply to the open beta version

There are already numerous cases out there that perfectly protect your phone.

But if you want something truly unique with a design that has never been done before, the AM Emptiness Phone Case is the perfect choice for your iPhone 15 Pro / Pro Max.

  • Fluid "Metal" Body
  • MagSafe Charger Support
  • Light Weight, Metal Feel

Organic hollow custom shape

The design of the AM Emptiness Phone Case will defintely catch your eye, but it does that without canibalizing on the beauty of your iPhone's colorscheme.

The "frame" forms around your phone like the flow of liquid. It is independently molded and formed into a single piece, just like liquid metal. An organic custom shape.

MagSafe Charger Support

NOWIRE is in Angry Miao's DNA. As such, wireless charging support is not missing from the AM Emptiness Phone Case.

Magnets are built-in into the phone case, ensuring support for official and most third-party MagSafe chargers. All this while keeping weight at a minimum. Form and function. The AM Emptiness Phone Case offers both.

Emptiness for better heat dissipation

The hollowed-out design of the AM Emptiness Phone Case not only looks cool, but also provides better heat dissipation than traditional phone cases.

Light Weight, Metal Feel

Over the last 10 years, the weight of the iPhone has doubled. Therefore, the AM Emptiness Phone Case uses lightweight PC material and a hollowed-out design to reduce its weight to just 22 grams.

Three layers of coating with a finish manufacturing process also used for mobile phone center frames give the entire phone case a shiny metal-like feel. Featherlight without compromising on the looks.


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