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Option: CYBERBOARD Glacier R2
Size: bundle

Translucent PC body

Right in time for 2023's holiday season, CYBERBOARD once again goes back to the ice age. With a translucent matte PC keyboard body and vibrant RGB. Just like an ice cube, lying there on your desk.

Glacier aesthetics

Light up the in-switch LEDs and LED panel with your custom lighting effects and enjoy them in their full glory while they're emitted evenly and softly through the translucent PC body. The fully transparent keycaps and Icy Silver switches give Glacier its own unique touch. Individual and brilliant.

High quality CNC machined PC

The keyboard body is crafted from a solid piece of high-quality PC, which undergoes hours of CNC machining. We combine that with robotic polishing, to achieve the best RGB light transmission effect possible. After going through its processes, the iconic CYBERBOARD keyboard body only weighs 0.7kg, just a fraction of the 6.4kg block of PC it started out as. Due to the additional steps and time needed with CNC machined PC, crafting the PC keyboard body is more expensive than aluminum alloy.

Large mirror PVD stainless steel weight

We get that PC feels too light.

Therefore, we added a counterweight to achieve the same substantial keyboard feel as when using metal. Therefore, we integrated a large mirror PVD stainless steel surface into the bottom of the CYBERBOARD Glacier R2. After undergoing three rounds of polishing, its mirror finish forms an alluring contrast with the matte PC body.

Adjustable leaf spring mount

Different from 2021's CYBERBOARD Glacier with top mount, CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 has been upgraded to our latest adjustable leaf spring mount.

By changing the type of leaf spring, its gear position and installing adjustment pads, you can set up your own harder or softer typing combo. Typing on soft snow or typing on hard ice, the choice is up to you.

Icy Silver switches

The CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 Bundle includes Icy Silver switches and transparent Glacier keycaps. Icy Silver switches are tailor made for CYBERBOARD Glacier, powered by TTC's technology. In fact, their light RGB transmission performance even exceeds Icy Silver Pro. These switches combine a transparent stem with a transparent housing, and are supplemented by silver-plated leaves and springs. Smooth and sturdy switches, complimented by a pure and bright appearance.

Glacier keycaps in Bundle

Glacier keycaps are transparent keycaps exclusively designed by Angry Miao, with the goal of eliminating thimble marks and creating the best keycaps in its class. High-gloss PC material is used to achieve its distinguishing translucent RGB experience. And as icing on the cake, the grey legends are designed to be extremely durable. They won't just fall off.

Tri-mode wireless with 2.4G

Since 2023, Angry Miao's keyboards support 2.4G wireless, and CYBERBOARD Glacier R2 is no exception. 2.4G wireless, Bluetooth and wired connections are supported. In addition, signal interference with PC material is lower than aluminum alloy, allowing for a theoretically stronger signal.

Wireless charging

Wireless charging is not missing either. When combined with CYBERMAT, you can get rid of all wires on your desk, and say goodbye to battery anxiety as well.


Layout: 75%

Mount: Angry Miao Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring

Typing Angle: 10°

Weight: Base Kit 2.25 (±0.1) kg, Bundle 2.55 (±0.1) kg

CMF: PC body

Dimensions: 340.5mm (L) x 181mm (W), front height 18.1mm, rear height 42.94mm (excluding feet)

Finish: grinding + sandblasting

PCB: 1.2mm thickness, 4-layer with cutouts, supports hotswap and in-switch LEDs, USB Type-C port (supports C to C), Bluetooth 5.1, supports key remapping and custom in-switch LED effects


Base Kit Includes:
  • Keyboard body (PC material, translucent white)
  • PCB (hotswap, cut-outs, RGB, 1.2 thickness)
  • White PC plate
  • Leaf Spring accessory kit
  • Screwdriver accessory kit
  • Carrying case
Bundle Includes:

In addition to the accessories included in the Base Kit:

  • Glacier keycaps (gray legends) *81
  • Icy Silver switches (linear) *81
  • Icy Silver stabilizers *4 (clip-in, 2U*3,6.25U*1)