Icy Silver Pro V2 Switches (90pcs)

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Quantity: Icy Silver Pro V2 Switches (90pcs)

Angry Miao x Tango Works next generation collab switches. Transparent and plenty of thock, crafted using a high-precision 4-cavity mold.

Introducing our latest custom mechanical switch - the Icy Silver Pro V2.

Nylon with RGB: PA12

PA12 is considered state-of-the-art when it comes to nylon material choices. It has a very high purity and costs 8 times more than ordinary nylon (PA66) and PC.

We used our own self-developed material combination and manufacturing process with Icy Silver Pro V2. This is how we were able to create a fully metal housing that's fully up to our standards.

More durable Y3.5 stem

Icy Silver Pro V1's highly praised Y3 axis has been upgraded to Y3.5 with Icy Silver Pro V2.

By using a Y3.5 switch stem, we further build upon Icy Silver Pro's smooth foundation The friction coefficient is only 0.04, which is 70% less than POM and LY materials.

We have made some adjustments to post-processing while keeping materials the same, adding to its durability.

This means that the Icy Silver Pro V2 not only has excellent smoothness, but will also last you a long time.

Thock = Y3.5 + nylon housing

The Y3.5 stem and nylon housing takes the sound profile of the Icy Silver Pro V2 to the next level. Our beta testers absolutely enjoyed its tweaked sound profile. The refined thock makes the Icy Silver Pro V2 the perfect switch to complement your keyboard.

Y3.5 with more precision, improved structure, and better post-processing

4-cavity mold

The most effective and expensive way to upgrade manufacturing precision is to reduce the number of mold cavities. We opted for a brand new 4-cavity mold, which doesn't carry any disadvantages except its high cost.

Using a ultra-high precision mold allows use to achieve a tight fit between the upper and lower housing of the switch. Thanks to the improvement in mold precision, we have the confidence to use PA12 nylon, a transparent material with a shrinkage rate that's more difficult to control, but at the same time delivers a better sound performance. In the end, both the RGB experience and thock of the switch were improved by opting for the 4-cavity mold.

Shiny mold, polished allround

Transparency depends not only on the material, but also on the manufacturing process.

The mold used to make Icy Silver Pro V2 is polished throughout without leaving any dead-ends. Only then can it achieve transparency higher than frosted PC, which was used on the previous generation. With the high-end RGB lamp beads specially selected by AM, lighting effect performance is taken to the next level.

Exclusive mold for Icy Silver Pro V2

We used the profits earned from the Icy Silver Pro V1 to prepare our 4-cavity mold for a production capacity of 50,000-750,000 pieces, ensuring that each Icy Silver Pro V2 switch is produced in the mold's most optimum time in its lifecycle. Of course, only switches made in this way can meet the requirements of Angry Miao users.

New stucture

We kept the same stem dimensions as with Icy Silver Pro V1's Y3 stem. Based on these dimensions, we created a new internal design. The most obvious change is that the part where the upper housing contacts meets the stem has been minimized. When the stem is pressed down, there's less noise caused by the rebound of the upper housing, making the typing sound cleaner.

Using an ultra-high precision mold allows for precise fit of the upper and lower housing. Thanks to improved mold precision, we have the confidence to use PA12 nylon, a transparent material with better sound performance but a harder to control shrinkage rate. This allowed us to improve on both RGB and thock.

Gentle actuation and smooth bottom-out

Just like the Icy Silver Pro V1, V2 also has an actuation force of 37gf and a bottom-out force of 45gf. Bottom-out travel has been fine-tuned to 3.7mm, solving oversensitivity commonly found on switches with a light actuation force.


Switch Name

Icy Silver Pro V2

Switch Type

5-pin linear

Housing Transparency

Fully transparent

Upper Housing

PA12 nylon

Bottom Housing

PA12 nylon

Stem Material

Translucent Y3.5

Switch Friction




Switch Contacts

Palladium alloy gold-plated

Contact Leaf


Actuation Force


Bottom-Out Force


Actuation Travel


Bottom-Out Travel


Spring Length/Weight