SMK Expo x Angry Miao


Layout: 75%

Mount: Angry Miao Three-Stage Adjustable Leaf Spring

Typing Angle: 10°

Weight: Base Kit 2.25 (±0.1) kg, Bundle 2.55 (±0.1) kg

CMF: PC body

Dimensions: 340.5mm (L) x 181mm (W), front height 18.1mm, rear height 42.94mm (excluding feet)

Finish: grinding + sandblasting

PCB: 1.2mm thickness, 4-layer with cutouts, supports hotswap and in-switch LEDs, USB Type-C port (supports C to C), Bluetooth 5.1, supports key remapping and custom in-switch LED effects


  • Translucent PC body, Glacier aesthetics
  • High quality CNC machined PC
  • Large mirror PVD stainless steel weight
  • Adjustable leaf spring mount
  • Translucent internals
  • Icy Silver switches + Glacier keycaps in Bundle
  • Tri-mode wireless with 2.4G
  • Wireless charging