Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest

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Designed for AM AFA, height is 25-34mm, Maglev Structure, supports pressing, twisting or any other form of adjustments. 

Inspired by the Hoverboard from Back to the Future

Lifting up the foam pad and subsequently lifting up your wrist. This is how magnetic levitation works on the Hover Ergonomic Maglev Wrist Rest.

The separate left and right design greatly improves versatility. Hover supports keyboards of any size, and can even be used in combination with tablets and the Magic Trackpad.

Magnetic levitation

Regardless of the angle of your keyboard, the inclination of Hover can be adjusted according to your requirements. With the elasticity provided by magnetic force, pressing, twisting or any other form of adjustment is smooth and quiet. And it is extremely stable and flexible at the same time.

Memory foam with slow rebound

The memory foam with slow rebound provides stable support for your wrist, alleviates pressure, and makes your wrist feel more relaxed and comfortable when typing.

Elastic waterproof fabric

After comparing different materials for over a year, Angry Miao found that the memory foam with the best feel is neither sweat-proof nor odor-proof.

That's until we got our hands on Toray's stretchy, waterproof and breathable fabric. This material is fully sweat resistant, and you can also wipe it with a wet paper towel without any worry.

Product specification




110g (per wrist rest)


memory foam, Toray waterproof fabric, aluminum alloy, teflon feet (addtional silicone feet included)