AM Emptiness Charger Early Bird

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Color: Shiny Silver

"Emptiness" flowing body

The AM Emptiness Charger builds upon Angry Miao's "Emptiness" concept, incorporating its characteristic flowing body element into the design.

Phone/Tablet/Mac compatible, indicator light included

With its 40W charging power, the AM Emptiness Charger is perfect for charging the new iPad Pro with the M4 chip, and it can also power your MacBook Air without running out of breath. Even if the charging performance of the upcoming iPhone 16 series is increased, the AM Emptiness Charger can take it on.

We specially designed the indicator light, making it invisible when looking at it from an angle. This means it won't disturb you, even in a completely dark room.

Advanced IC chip with dual-protocol support

The AM Emptiness Charger has an advanced IC chip built-in with support for advanced fast charging protocols, including PD and UFCS. Android phones that support these protocols can also enjoy fast charging from 18W to 40W.

It is exactly because of this IC chip that the AM Emptiness Charger features a built-in charging indicator light, despite its small size.

More fun

The high-precision outer shell can be easily removed from its rails by using the tabs on the inner case.

This means that you can change the style of the charger according to your own preferences.

Angry Miao plans to launch different limited edition outer shells in the future. This allows you to further personalize your charger and express your own style.

The inner shell is crafted from translucent matte material, which is covered by a glossy PC outer shell that flows like liquid metal. Combining these two contrasting materials makes the AM Emptiness Charger absolutely stand out.

GaN and advanced internals

The AM Emptiness Charger not only stands out due to its appearance.

To achieve maximum efficiency, AM Emptiness Charger combines GaN with high-quality capacitors and transformers. With less heat generation, its unique heat dissipation design further ensures stable power delivery while keeping things cool.

Stay cool

The specially designed rails at the four corners of the case create an air pocket between the outer shell and the inner case. Air is a perfect heat insulator.

To maximize heat dissipation efficiency, the outer shell does not touch the inner case on most of its surface area. So when you plug or unplug this charger, it's cool to the touch.

During our testing, the AM Emptiness Charger could sustain 40W charging for more than 8 hours.


Product Name

AM Emptiness Charger 40W


39.5*39.5*37.8mm (outer shell)

34.5*34.6*34mm (inner case with tabs)

33*33*34mm (inner case without tabs)






100-240V~50-60Hz 1A


20V=2A/3.3-11V-3A (40W Max)