7 Reasons Why Thousands Are Switching To Cyberblade For PC & Console Gaming

"The Most Innovative TWS Earbuds for PC" MMORPG

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Stay Ahead W/ Refined Sound

With the help of the third chip and advanced algorithms optimized by Angry Miao, CYBERBLADE is able to achieve up to 36ms ultra-low latency without sacrificing sound quality.

Curved unidirectional antenna built-in. And the Bluetooth 5.2 standard is also supported.

Industry Leading Triple-SoC Tech

Two chips are located in the left and right earbuds that handle functions such as basic noise cancellation and EQ, and the third chip is located in the charging case that independently handles complex audio processing.

Additional battery capacity allows the powerful audio processing chip to finally unleash its full power.

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Superior Audio Experience

Studio-level EQ,DRC, and AGC algorithms for outstanding music performance. Fine-tuned by industry experts.

Gaming Booster With the third SoC in the charging case alongside advanced audio algorithms, CYBERBLADE enhances your listening experience in the three most used scenarios.

Movie Booster Virtual 7.1 based on HRTF technology brings 3D surround sound with improved spatial layering.

Hip-Hop Booster The Hip-Hop Booster brings a superior listening experience optimized for your favorite Hip-Hop music.

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Play across PC, Mac, Console and Mobile

Cannot find good wireless earbuds for your PS4 or PS5?

CYBERBLADE can transform a device with USB digital audio output into a brand-new device with support for wireless earbuds. Perfectly in harmony with your console.

PC, Mac, Switch,Steam Deck, iPad, Smart TV (for Xbox) etc. are also supported.

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Comfortable to Wear

Fits like a glove. 6.5g per earbud. 7 different sizes/materials of eartips. You might as well forget that you're wearing them. Way lighter than the over-ears. IPX4 water resistance is there for when you need it.

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Long Battery Life

Fully satisfy your daily dose of gaming and music enjoyment. Get 6hours of listening time with ANC and RGB lighting enabled in Bluetooth mode.24hours when combined with the charging case.

In ASE wired mode, you'll get more than 4 hours of listening time on single charge.

Charge 5 minutes for 40 minutes extra listening time.

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DIY RGB Lighting Effects

Striking yet elegant RGB lighting integrated into the charging case and dock provides you with a strong foundation to express your own personality.

We are even able to accommodate a large and uniform customizable RGB lighting strip on the earbuds, something rarely seen on small products.

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Innovative Easy Controls

Don't wanna get interrupted? Turn the Mic On/Off with one click. Pick up calls while gaming with less frustration. Switch to Bluetooth and start a voice call on your phone with just a double click.

Simply adjust the volume with the rotating knob. You'll love the sound and feel of it.

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

The Movie Booster's surround sound is actually immersive and doesn't just rely on reverb to create its sense of space.


The vast sound effect enhanced by virtual 7.1 surround sound provides gamers with a more immersive entertaining experience.I wouldn't even want to skip the cutscenes.


When I turned on the Movie Booster and selected "Home Theater" in game settings, I was immediately thrown into a three-dimensional world.


Ian Rice

The BEST earbuds I have ever owned.

The title isn’t a joke, as someone who was primarily looking for audio for gaming (low latency) in an earbud package (comfort and personal preference) there really is no better option.


Directional sounds for gaming is spot on!

This was exactly what I’ve been looking for! Wireless earbuds with a dock! No other company has done this. Feels like I’m in the game.


You don't even need blue tooth!

The best earplugs I have ever had! It has everything you want even more!

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