Cybercharge & Cybercable

One Charging Set to Rule Them All

Today, it's finally time to go back to simplicity, with just one type of cable. Namely, USB C to C.

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Inspired by GMK Redacted

Its unique design aspects reflect the end of the chaos that chargers once were.

4 carat zircon & touch switch

Hidden touch switch on top, which you can use to turn off the indicator light.

GaN efficiency

As a GaN charger, CYBERCHARGE 35 is 37% smaller and weighs only 53g.

Protective measures

Over-current, power, over-voltage & short-circuit protection for maximum safety.

Widely supported

No matter how devices you have, CYBERCHARGE is ready for them all.

High compatibility

Mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and other devices of various brands.

30 mins

iPhone 14 Pro Max to 50%

58 mins

MacBook Air 2023 to 50%

45 mins

iPad Air 5 to 50%

Power & Compatible Devices


iPad / MacBook / Windows ultrabook


iPhone Pro / Samsung / Xiaomi


1.2m flexible cable

Enough room to move around freely while charging. Silicone material & 4.5mm thick.

Aluminum alloy CNC connector

Crafted from CNC machined aluminum alloy & multi-color anodizing.

Type-C, 60W fast charging

Safely fast charge all generations of iPhone at full speed.


times bending tested


times plug & unplug tested


kg load tops tested

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